Our Approach

Innovation stems from collaborating with your team and your data. Our team is diverse, forward-thinking, and analytical, but we’re also practical. Nothing we do can be done without information; therefore, we employ technologies that provides our team the data we need to make improvements in operating cost, asset value, operational effectiveness, and occupant experience.

Buildings rarely work as envisioned and designed – despite the best intentions – because of disconnects between the design, construction, and operational phases. With our help, existing buildings can work better than they were initially designed to operate, and new projects can optimize efficiency from the start. DB Technologies can make any building smarter.

By engaging DB Technologies (at any phase of a building’s life), clients benefit from our operations-driven service which provides the following benefits:

Tools & Strategies

Tools and strategies to increase performance.


Data that helps you make better decisions and improve not just building effectiveness, but staff efficacy.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Increased building efficiency and effectiveness (smarter buildings).

Occupant Support

Better occupant comfort and experience, including increased productivity for workers.


Increased accountability on improvements performed by third parties and your internal teams.

Building Asset Value

Increased building asset value due to lower operating costs & improved occupancy experience.

Aligned Strategy

A solution and process that is aligned with your organization’s overall strategy.