About Us


To make buildings better and smarter by leveraging technology, data, and collaboration to reduce energy consumption, optimize building assets, and improve efficiency.


To brighten the lives of people in our communities by utilizing technology to create sustainable cities that are safe, inclusive and resilient.

Our History

Both DB Engineering and Williams Engineering Canada, the founding partners of DB Technologies, are dedicated to making buildings better.

Together, they formed DB Technologies to lead Canada in implementing comprehensive, data-driven strategies that will allow buildings to reach peak efficiency and effectiveness. Based in the U.S., DB Engineering uses enhanced data analysis and integration to solve building efficiency problems, including participating in aggregating the data flowing in Microsoft’s building systems – making the invisible, visible.

Knowing that Canada is often on the forefront of new ideas and technologies, DB Engineering sought a likeminded engineering partner to bring their vision to life. They found that partner in Williams Engineering who is known for its state-of-the art building science team and focus on innovation and sustainability. Between DB Engineering’s experience working with corporate leaders (Microsoft, Google, Walmart, The Pentagon and ExxonMobil) and Williams Engineering’s experience working across Canada with a wide range of customers (Suncor, CNRL, City of Calgary, City of Edmonton, Government of Canada, Lark Group, Calgary International Airport, Edmonton International Airport, UBC, NAIT and others) to deliver inspired solutions, DB Technologies aims to lead the building efficiency movement by bringing new and informative technologies to Canada’s building industry.

With head offices in Seattle, WA (a hub for cloud computing and data visualization) and Edmonton, AB (a global centre for artificial intelligence and machine learning), DB Technologies helps customers reduce their carbon foot print and operating costs while optimizing the value of their building assets and the comfort of their occupants. Working with customers in healthcare, education, transportation, aviation, entertainment, technology, as well as corporate and commercial real estate, we give you the information, tools, and insight you need.